World on a Hanger is the fastest, easiest way for small fashion labels to wholesale their products.

From confirmation to fulfillment, WOAH helps hundreds of small labels with product data, sales, invoicing and fulfillment. WOAH can help you:

  • Manage your product data, raw materials and costings
  • Process customer orders from lead to invoicing and fulfillment
  • Generate invoices and keep on top of payments
  • Maintain a customer database with account balances
  • Raise production orders and track incoming inventory
  • Calculate raw material requirements for sales or production
  • Track partial shipments and build pick & pack lists
  • Provide agents access and control in-season ordering

Why choose World on a Hanger?

Made for fashion

WOAH has been designed from the ground up for fashion industry and understands seasons, sizes and colorways. WOAH is very intuitive and easy to use and our customers rarely require training or onsite setup.

Pay as you go and cancel anytime

There's no software to install, contract to sign or minimum term. Choose an account plan that suits your business and your budget. You'll get updates automatically and we backup and secure your data - never worry again.

Trusted by many

Hundreds of companies all around the world use WOAH every day. More than 1000 seasons have been created and 20,000 orders have already been processed through World on a Hanger software.

Recent product updates

Jul 05 You can now add a credit card charge to invoices

As a much requested feature, we're pleased to announce that it's now possible to specify a "credit card fee" for any given invoice as a percentage of the original invoice total. To add the fee, navigate to the invoice, click the edit/pencil icon as though you were entering a shipping... (continued)

Apr 21 Warehouse locations

We recently added a "warehouse location" field to SKUs within WOAH. Devising and implementing a warehouse location numbering system is one of the best things that you can do to increase efficiency and reduce errors during your pick and pack process. If you don't have a system in place yet, you'll... (continued)

Apr 05 Channel is now editable on existing sales

You can now change the channel on existing sales. You can do this by clicking the 'edit' link next to the channel name on the sale details page. Please note that after order confirmation, you will only be able to switch to a channel of the same currency. ... (continued)

Mar 16 March 2015 WOAH SALES Updates

We made various updates to WOAH SALES in March. These include: Added a certification signature box to commercial invoice PDFs You'll find this as a toggleable option (on by default) under Paperwork → Settings. If turned on, commercial invoice PDFs will feature a signature box at the bottom of... (continued)

Mar 01 Alternative non-matrix layout option for PDFs

You can now choose a new, "One line per SKU/size" layout option for generated PDFs. If your products tend to have a lot of sizes (e.g. bras, shoes or pants), the line per SKU layout may be the more suitable. You'll find the new option as a dropdown on the... (continued)

Feb 22 Prepayments can now be recorded before invoicing

We've added the ability to record a payment on a sale before creating an invoice. This can be useful if, for some reason, a customer sends you a payment before you create and send them a real invoice (although if you take a deposit, we recommend that you use our "deposit... (continued)

Dec 01 Freeform credit note items can now have a tax/VAT component

Today we have made an update to the credit note feature within WOAH SALES. When adding a freeform item to a credit note, you can now specify a tax (or VAT) level for the freeform amount. You'll then enter the amount net of tax/VAT and WOAH will calculate the corresponding... (continued)

Nov 23 Choosing default shipping and billing addresses

You can now choose the default shipping and billing address for a customer within WOAH SALES. The chosen address will then be the default selection when entering a new sales order for the customer. To make an address a default, navigate to the customer details from your Companies (or Customers)... (continued)

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