Wholesaling, invoicing, shipping, production and inventory management for small fashion labels.

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What does World on a Hanger do for your fashion label?

Sales, invoicing and shipping

From confirmation to fulfillment, WOAH helps you with organised your product data, record sales, raise invoices and ship products to your wholesale customers. WOAH provides various sales workflows to suit your business and generates all the paperwork required from order confirmation to final shipping and invoicing.

Production orders

WOAH calculates exact production requirements for your factories. Track your inventory as it's delivered by your manufacturer and ship goods to your customers as they arrive.

Raw material requirements

Build your raw materials database and specify enter your product bill of materials. WOAH calculates exact material requirements to cover your sales and production. There's now no need to build complicated spreadsheets.

Material purchase orders

Generate purchase orders for your fabric suppliers with just a few clicks! Then email your purchase order to your supplier directly from WOAH.

Made for fashion

WOAH has been designed from the ground up for fashion industry and understands seasons, sizes and colorways. WOAH is very intuitive and easy to use and our customers rarely require training or onsite setup.

Pay as you go and cancel anytime

There's no software to install, contract to sign or minimum term. Choose an account plan that suits your business and your budget. You'll get updates automatically and we backup and secure your data.

Xero integration

Connect your World on a Hanger account to your Xero account and transfer invoices and payments automatically. Save time maintaining your accounts receivable and tracking who owes you money.

Shopify integration

WOAH can sync your excess inventory levels to your Shopify store, so you'll never miss out on a retail sale of your spare inventory. With WOAH, your wholesale returns and cancellations can automatically be available at retail price to online shoppers!

Dropbox integration

Keep your invoices, purchase orders and other documents automatically organised and synced to your Dropbox.

Recent product updates

Aug 26 Raw material component description field and CSV BOM download

When editing your product's raw material components, you now have the option to add a description (for example "outer lining") for a given raw material. You can use this field to add more detail to your bill of materials. The descriptions will be included on the bill of materials PDF as... (continued)

Jun 01 Time zone and date format user preferences

WOAH users can now set their time zone and preferred on-screen date format under their user profile settings. Setting your time zone will allow WOAH to show account activity in local times (rather than the default GMT). Changing the date format effects how dates are rendered and input within the application.... (continued)

Apr 10 Bulk export your sales PDFs

Need to download all invoices for a given season? We've added an option on the sales page to download a season's worth of PDFs all at once. Just click the "cog" download on the Sales page and choose "Bulk Download PDFs". Then choose the season and click "Create Archive". ... (continued)

Mar 11 New option to change date formatting on PDF documents

We've added a new option to paperwork settings to change the formatting of dates on your generated PDF documents. There are several formats to choose from. Please let us know if you can't find a format that suits your preference. (continued)

Feb 20 MSRPs can now be included on delivery notes

You'll find a new option on your paperwork settings page to include MSRP/RRPs on delivery note PDFs. You may want to use this option to make it easier for your stockists to receive and process your goods. (continued)

Jan 29 January product updates

We made several updates to World on a Hanger this month. Changes include: We hugely increased the number of currencies available in WOAH. We added a remaining_to_pick column to the combined inventory report. This is the number of units in confirmed sales orders that haven't yet been added to... (continued)

Dec 10 Scheduled maintenance 9pm GMT Saturday 12th 2015

We will be taking WOAH SALES offline for 9pm this Saturday 12th December for some scheduled database migrations. We estimate that an offline duration of between 30 and 60 minutes. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. You can follow more fine-grained maintenance updates on out status Twitter... (continued)

Oct 03 Sizing systems now fully editable

We're glad to announce that it's now possible to add, remove and rename sizes on an existing product, even if that product has been added to orders. It's easy to adjust a sizing system. Just navigate to the product and click "edit sizing system" below the existing sizes. If you... (continued)

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