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GeneralMini Core Extra
Provide multiple users with access to World on a Hanger
Set permissions to control user access
Provide agents with access to their customers and sales
Sell in multiple currencies
Products & VariationsMini Core Extra
Divide products into seasons and categories
Custom sizing systems
Product variations/colorways with distinct pricing
Add per variation swatch images
Add customs information for commercial invoices
Associate with a manufacturer and define manufacturing cost
Upload product data from in spreadsheet format
PricingMini Core Extra
Price in multiple currencies
Create distinct pricing for multiple sales channels
Sell and manufacture in multiple currencies
Override bank details by pricing channel
Specify suggested retail pricing for inclusion on delivery notes
Product costingMini Core Extra
Maintain a material and supplier database
Customize exchange rates per supplier or material
Specify product material requirements
Specify material wastage
Inherit materials across product variants
Calculate material requirements to cover sales
Calculate material requirements to cover production
Sales workflowMini Core Extra
Record a lead and produce specific line sheets
Generate order confirmation PDFs
Create pro-forma invoices to request deposits
Create a single invoice or invoice upon shipment
Add delivery charges to invoices
Settlement discounts
Record partial shipments
Create credit notes for cancelled items
Apply credit to future invoices
Ship consignment orders
Generate invoices for consignment sales
Record part payments
View outstanding balances and open credit notes for customers
View outstanding quantities to ship
Associate a sale with an agent
Customer databaseMini Core Extra
Record all individual contacts at a stockist
Store and use multiple addresses
Find customers with outstanding balances and open credit notes
Filter by location
Record notes for companies and individuals
Pick & PackMini Core Extra
Dedicated interface for picking and packing
Generate delivery note PDFs
Generate commercial invoice PDFs
Update quantities to reflect last minute changes
Record shipment notes for other team members
Export pick tickets for third party fulfillment (e.g. Bergen)
Production ordersMini Core Extra
Calculate production required to cover sales
Track production orders through confirmation
Create tentative production orders
Generate a production order PDF
Gradually receive production into stock
View work in progress in inventory reports
Inventory trackingMini Core Extra
Inventory counts for every SKU
Manually adjust stock counts
Import updated stock levels from a spreadsheet
View inventory required to cover sales
View excess inventory/production available to sell
View and search a log of inventory changes
Backup & SecurityMini Core Extra
WOAH is stored in a secure cloud environment
Data stored on redundant (RAID) drive arrays
Uploads stored securely and redundantly
Rolling hourly backups
Secure browser connection (SSL) throughout entire application
IntegrationsMini Core Extra
Connect your WOAH account to your Xero account
Automatically sync your PDFs to your Dropbox
Push invoices to Xero accounting
Pull invoice payments from Xero accounting
Sell to wholesale customers through online B2B store
Sync available to sell inventory levels to Shopify stores

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